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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is one of the most difficult phases we go through. We have articles that can make this easier.

Income Allocation

When you started your career, you most likely had a plan of where you wanted to go. Maybe your goal was to make a certain salary or hold a certain position. Perhaps, your plan was to find true life balance, and have a career you love while spending time with your family. Whatever your goal is or was, you always had a plan. In today’s world, you must also have an income allocation plan for retirement in addition to a retirement plan. Yes, there is a difference. (read more)

Why Annuities Should Be Part of Your Retirement Plan

As you near retirement, you are probably thinking about where your income is going to come from when your paychecks stop. Some people plan to rely on their 401K or pension, while others choose to plan ahead with their IRA. When it comes to thinking about your retirement, there are many options that will generate cash flow. What are annuities and who should take advantage of them? (read more)

Reaching Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom in retirement is not as easy as it once was. To do it, takes careful planning. We want to make sure you reach your goals and enjoy the retirement you want. (read more)

4 Types of People Who Need Income Allocation

Everyone wants to enjoy life in retirement and an income allocation plan is the best way to make that happen. The reality is many people face the challenge of not having enough savings to live comfortably. (read more)

Why Income Allocation Works

As we go throughout our careers, the goal is to always have a steady paycheck, to have our income streams increase, and work towards a successful retirement. But what happens when we reach retirement and that steady income stream is no longer there? (read more)